Bulletin Board Information

What’s the Bulletin Board?

The Bulletin Board category is a location that important information or important assets can be located. The items here can be used by the general public and are fully approved before being posted.


The Sub-Categories system is created to sort and keep all information for one set topic in one section such as API assets.

Who can post here?

Only Administration Members can post in the main category itself as that is an area that RankerPro specific information is found.

Any Basic level member may upload their creation to the API Free Assets list but before it is officially posted to the public, it is sent to a approval system to be approved by RankerPro staff. For more information on this system, click here.

For SuperClans, only Admin members can create new topics but once the topic is created, the ownership is switched to the SuperClan Rep so they can update their information when needed. For more information on this system, click here.

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