Issue Verifying my bot

I have an issue Verifying my bot on my discord server when I hit the rankerpro verify it asks for my Roblox username but when I put it in nothing happens here is a picture

of me trying to verify

Rankerpro verification is currently experiencing an issue with that, due to bloxlink and rover having a new API we have to update their source code with the bot.

when well it be back up in running?

i cant give an exact time as its something i cannot do myself, but the developers are aware of the issue and will do it whenever possible.

is there a way to verify myself since the verify command won’t work in my discord server

Hi @FreezerTate, so sorry for the late response.

It seems that /reverify works for me, I’m unsure of /verify though. If that doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll forward it to our developers.

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