RankerPro 2022 Halloween Logo Contest

Introducing the RankerPro 2022 Halloween Logo Contest! This contest is created to give the users who use RankerPro to a chance to show off their artist skills by creating a logo that would be used for the RankerPro Bot for the month of October.

The Contest closes on October 17th at 12:00 PM EST!

To take part in the contest is very easy. Just follow the steps below.

  • Download the RankerPro Logo pinned in the Fourm.
  • Make your edits to it. You may add whatever you want if it is within the rules.
  • Once done, choose a name for RankerPro, such as SpookPro, and create a post with that name and your submission.
  • Check out other user’s and give them a :white_check_mark: if you like their creation.


  • You may not submit other’s work and credit it as your own.
  • It must look similar to RankerPro’s Current Logo with all of our systems and a circle background.
  • Must keep the design PG.
  • Must be high enough resolution for a logo.
  • Must include the title of your creation like how RankerPro is in the current logo.


  • Submission Used as RankerPro’s Logo & Name (1st Place)
  • 200 Robux (1st Place, Must be in Roblox Group before submitting.)
  • Event Winner Role Here (1st & 2nd Place)
  • Event Winner Badge on Forums (1st & 2nd Place)

Submissions and more information can be found in our Discord Server!