RankerPro Command Reforms

Of course when it’s not Roblox telling me how to create my bot, it’s discord.

So Discord announced about 9 Months ago that the Message Content Intent would become Privileged. Now you may be asking, what exactly does that mean? Well that means that things related to the Message Content API will now be empty if Verified Bots (Bots in 100+ Servers) do not get this Intent approved. Meaning that it will render chat commands, such as the good old r!help, r!verify, r!getroles, etc. useless.

With this being said, I have already requested for RankerPro to be approved for this Intent but that does not mean we can just keep moving on with our day. Something that us Developers have to keep in mind is that Intents such as this one are “Privileged” as the name states meaning that we need to follow their strict rules or we will get it removed.

So what the RankerPro Development Team will be not focusing till the end of April is to convert all of our commands to slash commands. Now if you are a good old OG member of RankerPro, you will remember that we already had Slash Commands once but that got discontinued. Well now all the commands will be Slash Commands. Once the commands have been converted to Slash Commands, the chat commands will return a message explaining this change. This will be occurring through out the upcoming month.

More information about this can be found here: