RankerPro Support Applications

RankerPro Support Team Applications

Members of RankerPro’s Support Team staff are tasked with supporting the communities that use RankerPro, as well as their users. They should be patient and have an advanced understanding of how the bot works.


  • Must have an advanced knowledge of RankerPro Systems.
  • Must know the functionality of commands that are most commonly used.
  • Must utilize both a Discord account and a RankerPro Forum account.
  • Must be able to actively and frequently respond to help requests.
  • Must be patient and willing to help out with any issue that may come up.


  • Able to officially help members.
  • Be recognized as a RankerPro staff member with a badge, located on both the RankerPro Support Server (Discord) and the RankerPro Forums.
  • Be able to privately-assist members through the support ticket system!*

* Only on Discord for the time being; Development on a version for the Forums is under discussion.


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