Roblox API Update Notice | Auto Promotions Downtime

Important System Announcement

So to summarize what is going on. Roblox has recently made a update to their Security system which goes like this now:

If the account cookie is being used from a different IP then it was originally made, it will expire.

Now this provides a major problem to our Roblox Bots system as the Bot Addition Staff has to add the bots and we have to login into the Accounts on our side. See what the problem is?

So now the plan for the RankerPro Development Team is to find a fix for this but till that has been done, all of RankerPro’s Automatic Promotion System is down as well as RankerPro’s Member Management System. Now you will probably be asking me,

When will this be exactly fix?

My response to this question is simple, hopefully by the end of next week the entire system will be operational again. I have a week off from a whole bunch of things so I will get time to sit down and fix a lot of problems that have been caused by recent updates like so.

What exactly is effected because of this?

Disabled Commands

As for the commands that are disabled because of this:’

  • Promote
  • Demote
  • Group Requests
  • Shout
  • Setrank
Limited Commands

As for the commands that are limited because of this:

  • Add
  • Remove

We encourage you to boost up any post on the devforum about the need to better support bots!

As of April 18th, 2022 this issue has been fixed! If any more issues are experienced, please contact me.

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