Temporary Hiatus Of Services

It saddens me to say this but as of today all programs including the use of Rankerpro will be temporarily stopped.

The bot has many errors and bugs that have tendencies to cause other errors when fixed. As I believe, he and joel will be rewriting the code to make sure the bot can come back better than it was before. Don’t lose hope in us, we will come back.

Statement From eazoppe:

Reccomendations for other bots can be Clanny and Clan Labs. We are sorry for this unfortunate situation and we hope you will return to us for use in the future when we can properly have everything flowing as it should. Thank you for all of your support coming from the full rankerpro staff team.

Clan Labs Discord:

Clanny Discord:

Keep in mind RankerPro Administration is well aware of the many bugs within the current version of RankerPro. We are rewriting the bot completely as the current versions code has be altered and changed way too much to work with modern systems so we are completely rewriting the bot to revolve around the issue that we are dealing with now.

Keep in mind I was not expecting for RankerPro to grow this big this quickly and now that the bots own problems have slow it down, we have time to rebuild the bot and dashboard to make it better.

We know RankerPro will continue to lose support of many groups but once RankerPro has been completely overhauled, we will regrow once more with completely new systems and features.

I am going to keep the current version of RankerPro online still but don’t expect any updates to it as we are focusing all of our focus into new RankerPro.

Along with the rewrite, we will have a new discord bot introduced into the mix that will be announced at a later date.

As for support, we will be closing all support related features as we rebuild our entire staff team. Various aspects of this server will also be closed and the forums will be overhauled as well.

Also, I’ve decided till the rewrite is done, we will stop accepting bot requests.

If you absolutely need a system like RankerPro, I would recommend using Clanny or Clan Labs but that is up to your choosing.