Update 3.1.2

RankerPro Version 3.1.2 is now live!

View update additions, removals, and bug fixes below! If you have any comments, feel free to reply!

:added: Additions: :added:

:removed: Removes: :removed:

  • All SpookPro looks and features. (JoyPro will be releasing soon!)

:bugfix: Bug Fixes: :bugfix:

  • Fixed settings/data getting removed from all commands.
  • Fixed Verify breaking bot.
  • Fixed ROBLOX Accounts not logging in and changing people’s rank.
  • Fixed some Developer Commands that disabled the ROBLOX bots for no reason.
  • Completely rewrote all of the events so they are all different.
  • Bot should automaticity restart if a error crashes it unless it a error at start, then it will alert me.
  • Some fixes to support RankerPro Support version to keep support server running.