RankerPro Systems Release Timeline

As announced earlier this year, RankerPro will changing its brand to RankerPro Systems to better accomplish the goal of RankerPro.

RankerPro was first created under a different name in early 2020 and since then it has only improved. RankerPro was first founded in October of 2020 and released for publish use on January 1st, 2021. With RankerPro reaching its 1 1/2 years of service, we plan to proceed to improve RankerPro to better accomplish the goal we have in mind for this bot and that being to provide users with a free group management system.

Now what does that exactly mean? Well with RankerPro Systems, we will introduce a variety of systems that RankerPro will have to assist users with their groups and servers.
More information about this can be found below:


Alright here is the basic timeline of RankerPro Systems releasement. Keep in mind that this is very bare and will not include a lot of detail due to the amount of stuff that can still be changed.

End May 2022 - Early June 2022

  • RankerPros Rebranded release
  • RankerPro Support Server Major Change
  • RankerPro Forum Major Change

June 2022

  • Major framework for RankerPro System will be done but not release as Founder will be on a cruise.

July 2022

  • Major Update
  • Introduction of 2 new systems.

August 2022

  • Another Major Update
  • Introduction of 2 new systems.
  • Dashboard Release (May be sooner)

September 2022

  • RankerPro System Bots Release
  • Last Major system release.

October 2022

  • Major Bugfix Update
  • Developers off month.

November 2022

  • Major Development Team Changes

December 2022

  • All updates from this point on are TBD