RankerPro's New Era

Hello everyone, so today the RankerPro Administration is happy to announce that there will be some major reforms occurring for the next couple of months and updates. There is a lot that has to be covered and a lot that will be change so many you read through this post carefully as it explains everything that will be going on.

RankerPro Rebrand

So RankerPro is getting a sort of rebrand? What is basically going on with this is that RankekrPro itself will continue to remain RankerPro but the company or group of people that own and work on RankerPro will be changed to “RankerPro Systems” to reflect on the new purpose of RankerPro what we hope to achieve. More information about this can be found later in the post but to keep it simple, we will be taking the term “Systems” for literal. Along with the rename of the company, as I so like to call it, we will be changing our motto from “Automated Promotions” to “Everything in One” which is also reflecting of the new way that RankerPro Systems will be heading. Now I know the term “Systems” is used quite frequently in this business but we felt like it would be needed. Keep in mind that we will take our time to switch over to these new names and motto as it would also require for the bot to be updated which will also happen in time.

New Purpose & Goal

So what exactly is RankerPro going to become and what made RankerPro Systems so needed? Well that’s a good question. Here is how I see it myself of course this may not be finial but may be just a basic overview of what exactly will happen. So I have been planning on ways to improve RankerPro to fulfill more of a need within groups as well as to make our creation different from other bots that have the same purpose. After a lot of thinking and planning, we have come up with this. RankerPro will become the main bot that would include a multiple different systems that will also be available on different bots. (You get what I mean?) The systems that we are planning on including are the following:

  • Automated Promotions (Promote/Demote based on Experience)
  • Dashboard Management (Able to control entire server through a Dashboard including all systems.)
  • Membership Management (Automated Acceptance/Denial, Acceptance Requirement, etc.)
  • Punishment Management (In game kick/ban logs, discord mod commands, etc.)
  • Role Management (Add/Remove Roles based on Rank, Able to get people with roles in game, etc.)
  • Application Management (Basically a Application System that would work with other systems above.)
  • Other Systems (Server Community things like Automatic Reactions, etc.)

Keep in mind that the systems above may exist already and/or may be changed at any time. All of these systems will be releasing at different time periods and may take different amount of time to create. Some of these systems may be heavily Roblox ordinated and some may not even require Roblox at all. Make sure to join the Support Server and look in #developer-office for updates on these systems and features.

Administration Changes

Along with all of these rebrand and new purpose changes, we will be having some administration level changes that will include the addition of members, removal of members, change of systems, repurpose of the roles within the Administration and a few other things. Along with these things, they will be playing a bigger part of RankerPro’s Development without having access to the code unless they are a developer. With this in mind, they have been granted Admin Perms within the discord server and will gain access to majority of commands within RankerPro and its systems, keep in mind that developer sensitive information will still be Developers only.


As for when all of these changes will be occurring. Some of them have already occurred as well as development has already started while others are still weeks to months away. We are hoping that we get the development side of things dealt with and the Administration will be up and running with new staff and new objectives by then. Keep in mind that this is a major change within RankerPro and there will be bugs along the way.

Thank you for your support and usage of RankerPro and we hope to get these new systems and changes to be dealt with as soon as possible so the Community of RankerPro Systems can continue to grow and develop.

– eazoppe, Founder of RankerPro Systems